United Community Press Release 8.25.2022.pdf

Councilman Kozikowski Announces State Rep Run

Councilman Marek Kozikowski is a trusted and experienced member of our community and we are thrilled to endorse his bid to represent ALL of South Windsor as our State Representative. He does not see party lines, only solutions for the problems that impact all of us.

We will work to help him collect the signatures necessary appear on the ballot--anybody who is interested in signing or assisting with the campaign we ask that you please reach out.

New party endorses 14th House candidate | Politics & Government |

Leadership Team Elected

At the April 6th meeting the leadership team was formally elected into their respective positions, along with several new members of the UCP joining the ranks!

Chair: Art Adduci

Vice Chair: Jessica Waterhouse

Treasurer: Phil Koboski

Deputy Treasurer: Marek Kozikowski

Secretary: Jan Snyder

United Community Party is Formed