United Community

Leadership focused on local issues, not politics

A group of South Windsor residents were unsatisfied with the growing extremism and lack of civility within our local political town committees. They decided to go in a different direction, focusing on a moderate approach to address issues in South Windsor. Guided by their principles, the United Community brings a fresh approach to local leadership.

United Community Party receives Approval for Marek Kozikowski to Run For State Rep

United Community Press Release 8.25.2022.pdf

Donate to Marek Kozikowski's Campaign

Councilman Marek Kozikowski will bring teamwork, ambition, and a focus on local control to the General Assembly in his desire to represent the 14th District. Please consider donating to his campaign using the link to the left.

To learn more about Marek and what he can bring to Hartford visit www.MarekKozikowski.com.

United Community Raises $1,002 and Carts of Food for South Windsor Food and Fuel Bank

On June 18th members of the UCP stationed outside of the South Windsor Stop and Shop and asked passers by to donate food or cash to the South Windsor Food and Fuel Bank. In difficult times the SW community came through beyond our wildest dreams and were able to raise $1,002 and over a dozen full carts of groceries to give out to those in need. Thank you, South Windsor community.

Councilman Kozikowski Announces State Rep Run

Councilman Marek Kozikowski is a trusted and experienced member of our community and we are thrilled to endorse his bid to represent ALL of South Windsor as our State Representative. He does not see party lines, only solutions for the problems that impact all of us.

We will work to help him collect the signatures necessary appear on the ballot--anybody who is interested in signing or assisting with the campaign we ask that you please reach out.

New party endorses 14th House candidate | Politics & Government | journalinquirer.com

Nevers Park Cleanup

Our first community service event was a success as a variety of people in town came together to help clean-up the trails at Nevers Park on a gorgeous Saturday morning.

Community Yard Cleanup

On May 21st the UCP and members of the community got together to help clean up brush and fallen branches in the yards of local seniors and vets. There is no better way to help your community than to help those *in* your community.